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Challenges and practices of teaching economic disciplines 

in era of digitalization 

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Main objective of the Project

Exchange of Good Practices

Objective 1

Improvement of teaching skills and teaching practices in different economic disciplines with special emphasis pointed out to the era of digitization by sharing existing good practices and analysing use of new digital teaching and learning technologies in vocational education of economists

Objective 2

Encouraging digitalization in participating organizations

Objective 3

Increasing students satisfaction with acquired knowledge and skills in developing their own entrepreneurial ideas and better inclusion on the labour market

 The overall aim of the Project

The overall aim of the Project is to exchange challenges and practices of teaching economic disciplines (accounting, international trade and tourism) in era of digitalization. Given the set goals, it is expected that partnerships between higher and secondary education institutions will contribute to the development of teaching skills that will stimulate creative thinking and further support the entrepreneurial spirit of vocational education students. Involvement of foreign strategic partners from Germany, Poland and Serbia would greatly contribute  primarily to the activities of teaching, teaching and training of teaching staff through the exchange of good practices in the application of new innovative learning tools in teaching in the different field of economics.